It is the zombie that Qin Chao fought against to save Hu Ke.

History Edit

After, his fight against Qin Chao, he goes to the Fox Wolf Mountain to hide and gain more power.

The 8 big righteous sects send again their best disciples to hunt and kill it. Li Baishan send Qin Chao to get his zombie core for his first mission as Seventh Branch's agent.

When Luo De attacks him with the Great Ying Yang Evil King Sword, he decides to appear and attack.

When he appears, he was at 9th Level Golden Body. Zombie King did not dare to go through the tribulation, because their lightning tribulation was very terrifying.

Unless they could find the legendary wood treasure and use it to hide their corpse aura. Otherwise, if they were struck by the lightning tribulation, they would undoubtedly die.

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