She is a member of the Renwu Guild Hall.

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Colossal Elephant devil Puppet. Cap. 431

The descendant of Liu Jiaquan, Senior Sister of Qin Chao when he joined Renwu Guild Hall , the giant elephant Devil Puppet. He was attacked by the people of the Qinggang family and died. Then she was resurrected as a devil puppet. It was pushed to the lounge of the Renwa Club in Kyoto. After taking Heaven Yuan Pill she broke through devil puppet limitation.

She is the senior martial sister who defends Qin Chao when he enters in the Renwu Guild Hall. She saved Aogan Keiko from 2 molesters in the train to her way to her university and was nearly killed by a friend of the 2 molesters but was saved by Qin Chao.[1]

She tries to protect the Renwu Guild Hall from the policemen who come to close the school. They were sent by Aogan Iguchi to destroy the Renwu Guild Hall all that for to force her becoming his woman. She starts to despise Liu Dahai because of his coward reaction again them.[2]

Again Qin Chao with a hidden appearance save her and stop all policemen.[3]

Without realizing it during the training, she bends Qin Chao. She thinks he has a cell phone in his pocket and asks him to take it out. A little irritated by the hesitation of Qin Chao, she seized his penis in her hands.[4] [5]

She realizes that Liu Dahai trying to drug her thanks to Qin Chao's little play.[6]


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