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She is a disciple of Emei Mountain Sect.


She was present one of the Emei Mountain Sect's disciples who was part of the sword formation that was destroyed by Yanluo Sect. She couldn't forget that at the moment the Divine Yang Sword Formation was broken, it was this man who blocked in front of her and single-handedly neutralized the Yanluo Sect's attack. Qin Chao held the golden sword, slicing through the millions of evil infants. Since that time, his figure constantly lingered in her mind.

When Shi Fa tries to kill Qin Chao, she starts to pity his situation. She wanted to help him but doesn't have the power. Even her Master Qing Xiu wanted to protect him, doesn't dare to fight the Golden Body Stage's Shi Fa.[1]

Qin Chao saves her against when the zombie king counter-attack, that again upsets her emotions.

Emeishan Burning Magic Valley disciple, one of the seven flowers in the real world, perfume lily, pure wild silly white sweet. In the town of Shanhua Town,She gave Qin Chao medicine pallet


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