He was the Qin Chao reincarnation in past life.

Immortal Venerable Ying Tian, the first supreme of the Three Realms in the ancient times and also the Venerable of immortal realm, the predecessor of the Qin Chao, and the nature is very flowerly incomparable.

After encountering Xuanyuan Yingji he liked her beauty and started to live with her and teach her how to read to read and write after she was sealed in a place by her father because she was natural born drought demon and brought disaster wherever she went. One day he left her saying he was going to Celestial Emperor birthday celebration but never came back. But Xuanyuan Yingji was already at the stage where she was unable to imagine living without him and ignoring Bai Ze repeated advice she went in search for him but when she found him, he was holding hands with another girl and this made her wabt to kill that woman but while protecting her he made the mountain tomb to seal Xuanyuan Yingji used his own cultivation base as a source of power and also changed the body of Xuanyuan Yingji with half of the cultivation so that she can live a peaceful life by sealing the curse of bringing disaster and fell into the five declines of the heavens (the life limit has arrived). Into the reincarnation.

Cultivates the power of the gods (chaos energy), The Great Mind Technique.

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