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She is Qin Chao's ex-girlfriend who left him because he was poor.


She is materialistic, only cares about money.


She couldn't be considered to be beautiful, but she had an indescribable quality to her. Her hair was tied up and her eyes were like water, making people want to look at her. The red lips were like wine, causing one to be unable to resist tasting it. Her figure was very standard, and did not have a devilish body, she had a C-shaped chest and a small waist.


Because her movements when learning dance were too violent, she looses her hymen accidently long time ago. She never have any sexual relation with Qin Chao when they were together.

When she meets Qin Chao, she thinks that she have made the good choice to leave him. Her husband Ling Tian humiliates Qin Chao in front of her but she says nothing and doesn't even look him.

Although she wasn't worried about food or clothing, she hadn't been truly happy after following Ling Tian. This Ling Tian only treated her as a tool to vent his lust. Other than going to bed and throwing money at herevery month, he had never cared for her. He also have many other women outside.

When she went to work, he still rode his broken bike to and from work. As for the female colleagues who were not as pretty as her, they all had a car coming to pick them up.

Therefore, when Ling Tian met her once and invited her to a meal, she was confused and agreed. Next, the two of them drank quite a bit of wine at the table. She was also depressed in her heart, but when she saw Ling Tian's bright clothes and driving a small car, she couldn't help but complain about it. In the end, she was carried by Ling Tian onto the bed.

Qin Chao, you stupid man … Why can't you make more money?
— The first thing that came to her mind when she crawled out of Ling Tian's bed naked [1]

She was suprised like other when Wang Zi recognizes Qin Chao as Dafa Group's Chairman. When Ling Tian becomes crazy and wanted to hit her, Qin Chao protects her. She finally understand that she was wrong to leave him.

Ling Tian who just resign become jobless when Wang Zi says that his father have lost his position and will be in prison soon because he was corrupted and have many scandal about him was discovered.

She regrets the day, she leaves him.


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