She was Qin Chao's lover in his previous life as Yingtian.

History Edit

The daughter of the Human Venerable and Ghost Venerable, the body of the natural marsh, the king of the ancient beast, has the power of God. After being smashed into the body of Yunying (the body of the virgin), she was born with a fierce beast.

after she sees Yingtian with another woman she becomes jealous and In the illusion of heaven, she killed all the maids of Yingtian and found that after nine days, Xianyu and Yingtian would kill Jiudianxian. She was sealed into the mountain tomb by Ying Tian. Five thousand years later, she was released by Li Baishan. She loves and hates Qin Chao and did not allow herself to harm Qin Chao. After the Qin Chao was seriously injured by the black unicorn, and voluntarily dedicated herself to instilling the power of God to heal (the method is a combination of two). Finally accepted the Qin Chao to propose marriage, is now repaired as a fairy period.

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