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She is the mother of Li Na and Qin Chao neighbour.


Looking at how beautiful Li Na is, her mom certainly is a beauty, but because of age, there’s only the trace of it that’s left. Especially as a single mother, her life certainly hard.


Swiftest, fierce.


Li Na’s mom, named Xu Mei, is a single, divorced woman. In this northern part of the city, this woman is the swiftest and fierce. The person she most despises is Qin Chao; she consider him to be only a third-rate college brats, nothing much to offer. Because of this, she strictly forbids her daughter to make contacts with him.

When she see Qin Chao take Li Na to school in his way to work, her temper burst, the big cucumber that’s on her hand, suddenly flew out toward Qin Chao’s head.