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She was known as the best assassin in the world because of her face changing methods. 


She was an assassin engaged by Yamamoto Kishiba to kill Anqing Yousan but was nearly killed by him. Qin Chao heals her after killed Anqing Yousan. She accepts to become Qin Chao's subordinate.[1]

She successfully goes through the transformation and becomes his Devil Puppet.[2]

She is extremely loyal to Qin Chao and does not hesitate to clean up behind him so that it does not harm him in the future.

She is the Tarantula Devil puppet and the first devil puppet of Qin Chao.

She becomes Qin Chao's fiance.[3]

Once the world's first killer, with invincible killing skills, poisonous spiders, and also a housekeeper. Be loyal to the Qin Chao and be a good assistant. Because of the failure of the island king to assassinate the emperor, he was rescued by the Qin Chao and became the poisonous spider of the Qin Chao. He liked Qin Chao and helped the Qin Chao to many things.

She is the one who manages rakshasha Sect and other related things for QIn Chao and tries her best to eliminate hidden dangers for him. After taking an immortal soul she breaks though the Devil Puppet Limitation. After accepting the Qin Chao marriage proposal, it is now repaired as a fairy period.

She was turned into a Devil Puppet in chapter 377 by QC.


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