Tianyinmen head.

The Qin Dynasty went to Wu Qingye to accept the match of Tianqingmen, and Wu Qingye pretended to be a maid to lead him to the Qiangfang to learn the Qin Dynasty. The result was that the Qin Dynasty occupied a small price, and the ghosts of the Qin Dynasty would be in a war. It is cut off by the mask (only the dead and the husband can see the face of the head). After the Qin Dynasty defeated Wu Qingye, he did not want to sacrifice his happiness to fight with his mother. He expressed his willingness to marry the Qin Dynasty. After the Qin Dynasty to protect the law column, with it as a new entry disciple sneak into the Feng Shui door. It was pushed down in the firewood of the Feng Shui Gate and is now in the Tianxian Period. The seventeenth woman who has a relationship (the first thousand seven hundred and sixty-six chapters is called an artifact)

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