Su Yao

Elder brother of Su Fei and Su Ji. To get the heritage, he tries to have Su Fei assassinated.


He is the elder child of Su Xianqin. Used to be close to his little sisters, but has allowed his greed to destroy the relationship. He was supposed to be the successor of his father's business. But because of his incompetence, his father decides that Su Fei will be his successor. He will spend the part of the inheritance that his father gives him in the casinos, in women.

He will try to have his 2 sisters murdered in order to take their inheritance and the control of his father's business. All assassination attempts will fail thanks to Qin Chao's intervention. He will go so far as to launch assassins to kill Qin Chao. He doesn't know that Yama Sect uses it to achieve their goal.

The real identity is the brother of Su Ji and Su Shi. Hired the killer and the Solomon, wanting to kill Suji and Susie to inherit the Su family property, but has been crushed by the Qin Dynasty. After establishing a demon contract with Mamen, one of the seven devils of Hell, he gained a powerful strength and created an organization called the local government. The purpose was to unequivocally, and the purpose seemed to be to destroy the rule column to gain the power of the Sayādaw level. One-third of the reincarnation of Anqing Bianxi[2], killed by Cao Cao (dead)[3]


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