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He is the father of Su Ji, Su Fei and Su Yao.


He makes a deal with Qin Chao, if he want to marry her daughter Su Ji, he have to gain five million in 1 year. He and Su Ji will not have the permission to see each other for the time of the "deal".

To make sure that they don't meet each other, Su Xianqin send Su Ji to the graduate school in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States.

He meet Qin Chao again after the "deal" limit is near but he refuses to accept Qin Chao to marry Su Ji even after completing the required conditions fo the "deal".

Xiao Bai tells him that Qin Chao is now the Chairman of Dafa Group and the leader of Anqing Clan and he needs to be more respectful towards him.

He goes so far as to order his bodyguard to throw Qin Chao out of his house.

Qin Chao threatens to completely destroy the business of his family. After, he receives calls from his business's partners who announce that they cancel their cooperation with him.

The old monk Shi Tian appears and try to stop Qin Chao, he beat him quickly.

He finally accepts after seeing the influence that Qin Chao has and after hearing Su Fei's speech.[1]


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