Su Fei is the elder sister of Su Ji, and the director of the Guangyuan Institute where Qin Chao had worked.

Appearance Edit

Su Fei is a beautiful Chinese woman who dies her hair blond. She has a very strong resemblance to her younger sister, Su Ji.

History Edit

Su Fei was born the oldest daughter of Su Xianqin, the head of the Su Family financial group.

She engaged Qin Chao because her sister asks her. In the start, she thinks that he will not do a good job because of his independent personality. But she was happy to have him, he helps her solve many problems in the school and protect her from many assassins.

She doesn't know about the cultivation world and the fact that her father and little sister are cultivators.

When Liu Bo comes to Guangyuan Institute to create problems again, Qin Chao reappears and make him scream. She was perturbed by Qin Chao's words that he comes to meet her and try to remember herself that he is her little sister's boyfriend.[1]

Stay outside and pay more attention. You are not allowed to provoke other girls!
— Su Fei To Qin Chao - [2]

When Su Ji talked, she was like a young wife who was always jealous at home. Even Qin Ling who was at the side watched with her mouth agape.

"Director Su..." Qin Ling's voice dropped, "Could it be that you still haven't realized … You have already fallen in love with Qin Chao. "
Qin Ling to Su Fei [2]

She was saving from the Zombie King who tries to take her place and body by the transformed Qin Chao.

Evil Tiger Devil Puppet.

She is the reincarnation of one-third soul Of Anqing Beixi [3].


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