Sheng Qing is a disciple of Shu Mountain Sect, the aunt of Shen Yu and also the mother of Qin Yi and Qin Ying.

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She is the aunt of Shen Yu and like her sent to eliminate the zombie Hu Ke in Guagyuan City.

As the best disciple of Shu Mountain Sect, she affronts Qin Chao and lost. She meets him again in Fox Wolf Mountain where again the 8 big righteous sects try to eliminate the zombie king.

In the fight against the zombie king, she uses Heaven Beheading Sword who was the skill that she has using against Qin Chao last time. She hurt herself by using it. Qin Chao takes this occasion to flirt with her.[2]

Qin Chao's Dark Phenix Devil Puppet and mother of his two children.

The head of the mountain, one of the seven flowers in the real world, the ice narcissus, the aunt of Shen Yu, the Phoenix Devil Puppet, the body of the yin.

She was pushed in the hospital and gave birth to Qin and Qin Qin and Qin Ying for the Qin Chao. As someone who had a relationship with devil dao, she was sentenced to be executed.

And when she was about to be executed she was saved by Qin Chao. He turned her into a devil puppet and saved her. Because both of their Dao is not the same as the Qin Chao, she chooses to remain in Shu Mountains and promised him that She will send Qin Ying to him and take care of Qin Yi by herself.

Breaks free of the devil puppet restriction by using the immortal soul fragment of mount shu

She establishes Immortal Alliance and confronts the Evil Alliance but fails.

And later to deal with the ZeroZone, evil alliance and Immortal Alliance merged into the Great Qin League and she returned to Qin Chao's side. is now repaired as an Immortal Stage.

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Frost River Sword Edit

  • Heaven-Beheading Sword (skill):

This was a supreme skill that could slice the heavens and earth into two halves.


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