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The Seventh Section is a national security agency. In the Seventh Branch, they don't know the identity of their companions unless they work together. Everyone who enters the Seventh Branch has some kind of mysterious ability.

The State never sends Seventh Branch's people on a mission unless it is absolutely necessary. The members would enjoy a very high status. At that time, even if they kill people, they will never be prosecuted or put in prison for that.

They have the right to kill without any consequences and all the people from the organizations serve the Seventh Branch for free.

When the island nation invaded the mainland, it was not only the army, but also countless Yinyang teachers and ninjas. Soon the mainland's capable people set up a mysterious organization - the seventh section in order to deal with these Yin Yang masters and ninjas. There were countless people in the seventh class, and now only the section chief Li Baishan and the member Qin Chao. (According to Xi He, the reason why the seventh subject is not joined is because no one has passed the test.) The seventh division is directly responsible to the chairman, and even the organization has to serve it. The section chief even has the power to directly meet the chairman. The seventh section has a special power: murder immunity.