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Rosie is a devil from Western Hell sent to draw Qin Chao into their service, and claim his soul.


Her chest is big, the largest one Qin Chao has ever seen in a woman, a full E size is not an exaggeration. Hang in there, like two bundle of papaya.

Her waist is very thin, standard Devil’s small waist, a waist that is desired by most men. If on the bed, this waist sways absolutely can take a man’s life. Her ass curls upwards can justifiably claim to be the best ass. And her chest echoing popular Devil figure. With her two straight legs, wrapped in leather pants, showing a trace of wildness.

Looking at her face, with a tassel-like pupil, leading one to have an exciting thought. Her eye is a light green color while her hair is jet black.


Manipulative, playful and seductive demon


Rosie is a daughter of the King of Hell, sent to seduce Qin Chao into the service of the Western Hell. For this purpose, she attempted to seduce him sexually, offering him her body, as well as a number of wishes that they would fulfill for him should he join them.

she kisses him to seal their contract and offers him the technique of Nine secret law.

She helps Qin Chao when he wanted to find the Zombie King. She also helps him with the reunion of the ancient schoolmate organized by Ling Tian. She pretends to be Qin Chao's girlfriend when Ling Tian tries to humiliate him with Yang Shanshan.

With her beauty, she erases everything hurtful that Ling Tian says previously to Qin Chao.

She becomes the King of Hell after Satan is sealed by Qin Chao in the Abyss of Hell under the ice. She helped Qin Chao recuperate all his soul but kept 5 to attain the Flesh Immortal level.


  1. Chapter 474