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They are all the sects who use Daoist Path or Buddhist Path, more know as Righteous Path, as cultivation. They hate cultivator who use Devil Path and try to kill any of them.

The most powerful Righteous Path's sects are:

Four Ancient Righteous Sect

The Four Ancient Righteous Sect are part of the Eight Ancient Sect, composed of Four Righteous Sect and Four Evil Sect, that are more than Ten Thousand years old and their Faction is define by the Principle Pillar they Protect (Righteous Pillar or Evil Pillar). Even the oldest sect from the 8 Righteous Sects, Shu Mountain, are five thousand years old.

Taiyi Sect

They specialize in refining, they have the most magic weapon but they are also the weakest of the Ancient Sect.

Shenyu Sect

They are proficient in cultivating Ghost Spirit and are separated in different Hall following the type of Ghost Spirit they cultivate (ex : speed-type Ghost Spirit => Hall 5). The Ghost Spirit act like a Demon Beast, they can be used for attack or defense. Their Strongest Technique is the Ghost Spirit Possession.

Ten Thousand Buddha Sect

They're the strongest Buddhist Sect and Baotai Temple of Song Mountain's Founder was a disciple from this sect.

Geomancy Sect

AKA Feng Shui Sect. They are proficient in Formation and Five Element Art, and Dao Art are the basis of their technique.