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Liao Dongkai, Liao Dongkai, rest in peace. Your daughter, and….em, the young babysitter Yu Lu – I will take a good care of them for you….As the old saying goes, a person’s death is an important contribution to others.
— Qin Chao's thoughts in Chapter[1]
Little Shasha has a fiance? Hehe, with her temperament, who dares to marry her? He would just be bullied by her.
— Qin Chao's thought in Chapter[2]
Forget it, since this is for Liao Shasha, I might as well help her bit. Alas, my romantic entanglement seems to get even more tangled, after becoming Wu Xin’s boyfriend, I have to be Liao Shasha’s fiance. If Su Ji and her sister knew that I have become someone else’s husband here, they would drag me back and choke me to death. But now I am being forced to do something way beyond my ability. After I settle the problem here, I am just going to wait until my contract ends and then go back to Sunan City, continuing my job there as a security and watch Su Ji dance. Alas, if Su Fei knew this business contract made me fall into this debt-like situation, she would certainly regret her decision.
— Qin Chao[2]
You probably are very just, cut the monster that oneself define to eliminate the demon, is actually fellow of one crowd of prying. Cuts the monster? Funny, Hu Lili is the fox, but this silly little girl except for attending class to skip classes, talks back with the teacher beside, does misdemeanor that other have made you probably kill? father is in Devil Path, times have actually rescued your so-called Righteous Sect, you are not grateful, but also pursues daily behind the father buttocks wants to hold a father blade. mother's fucking cunt, who gives your right? What is Righteous Path? Righteous Path is not says, Righteous Path comfortable will of the people! Although the father is not a good person, but father has done these matters, on the doing right by day, gets down the doing right by conscience!
Was really sorry, in my heart, Linlin priceless. Let alone is trillion family property, even if with the entire world, I do not trade.
No! It is different. You are daughter young lady, can definitely fling one pile of money, loses on me, then swaggers away. But you do not have, you consider my idea very much. At that time I know that other you and girls were different. Moreover, meeting by chance of Chaoyang Park, is I thought that is the heaven bestows my biggest gift. Su Ji, my life was utterly hopeless. But you, are I best gift......


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