# Woman Chapter Details
1 Yu Lu 105, 133, 1047 Qin Chao worked as the bodyguard of Liao Family and when she wanted to talk a bit over coffee she was pushed down
2 Chiyo Misaki 160 She was raped by Qin Chao
3 Long Bei'er 353, 916 Luo De made it happen
4 Anqing Baiying 382, 1442 Qin Chao became head of Anqing Clan
5 Aogan Keiko 447 They met again in Tokyo on auction
6 Shen Qing 495 She visited him while he was in hospital
7 Wu Xin 551, 1061 She was pushed down in the toilet
8 Zhao Jingjing 717, 990 She was pushed down in female restroom when he was tricked by xiaohu.
9 Fa Duo 886 She was pushed down in the bath when Qin Chao went to hell to save Shi Xin.
10 Li Na 920, 973 She was pushed down, after saving her in the bar, at his home.
11 Ximen Yuqing 1070 She was pushed down when she tried to make an alliance between the Wood Hall and Qin Chao.
12 Xuanyuan Yingji 1133 She pushed him down to help heal him with her god power.
13 Shi Ying 1156 She was pushed down in her kitchen when she invited him over to dine.


13,5 Su Fei 1278 Handjob
14 Luo Qinglin 1310 She gains god power and becomes a cultivator
15 Shen Yu 1352 She was pushed down to pass on the god power.
16 Chen Ying 1365 She gains god power and becomes a cultivator
17 Wu Qingye 1765, 1767 She was pushed down in woodshed when both of them were infiltrating the Geomancy Sect. 
18 Shangguan Yan 1886 She was pushed down in a private box in a restaurant.
19 Shangguan Yan 1892-1893 Pushed down in her house kitchen.
20 Nana Xiqian 1928 Pushed down in the military Base resting area
21 Li Yun, Ni Chang, Huan, Hai Tang, Ling'er, Bao Tong, Hua Rui, Leng Yue and Xumei 2008 Orgy with all dragon sisters
22 Yang Li 746,1804 Fellatio
24 Shi Ying 1645 Fellatio in a coffee shop
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