The Proliferation Silver Coat is a Clothe-type weapon created by the Zero World. It's a technical weapon that permit Zero World inhabitant to obtain battle strength equal to cultivator. The Coat is also separated by level and grant ability following it's level.

Law Enforcer Edit

Level Ability Effect Details
Enforcer None None Lowest of the Zero World member, can only be considered as a Zero World civillian
Observer Magnetic Field Create a field that can stop attack and everything inside is controlled. Can be used as Mind Control. The Lowest of Law Enforcer, can be considered as soldier. They are also the one who monitor the world they will invade.
Explorer Proliferation Silver Coat Critical Strike Use Silver Ball to create a aera attack. Are the main force of the monitoring mission. They're the one who reorganize the information.
Tracker Devouring Use black cable to pierce the target and devour. Can only be used against Zero World Member. Are the lead of the Monitoring mission, they are the only one that can communicate with the Zero World.
Guardian Law Enforcement Terminus Black Ball Create a black ball as a singular attack, can destroy building. They're only one step away from the true powerhouse from the Zero World.
Slaughterer Value-Added Armor Wear an armor that boost a value. (red = Flame/Destruction, orange = Sunlight/Accuracy, yellow = Earth/Defense, green = Wood/Tenacity, cyan = Air/Agility, blue = Water/Healing, purple = Emperor/All attributes.) The True Powerhouse of the Zero World, each can have great privilege.
Destroyer Value-Added Weapon Obtain a weapon that boost a value like the armor. Rarely appear.
General Regeneration Able to regenerate as long as he is alive from a cell. The strongest that one can attain. Also named as a Little King, allowed to possess a planet.
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