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She was Qin Chao's lover in his previous life as Yingtian and the daughter of the Celestial Emperor.


The first beauty of the Three Realms, the daughter of the Emperor, has the power of God and the great mind.

In the past, the Qin Chao had the most loved woman in the world. After the seal of the Xuanyuan Sakura, it was caught in the five-day decline of the heavens and the reincarnation.

After waiting for five thousand years, when Qin Chao was defeated by Yaochi, it was time to save the Qin Chao. When Qin Chao Learned that Heavenly Emperor is going to refine her into a Pill/Elixer and consume her, he vowed to save her. But in the end, because of Heavenly Emperors intervation, he was on the verge of paying a great price to save her, thus she abandoned all of her cultivation to save both Qin Chao and her maid. After the battle between Tiantian and the comprehension world, after the defeat of Tianting, she inherited the position of the Emperor. Finally accepted the Qin Chao to propose marriage, is now repaired as a fairy period.