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The Swan Beast GIrl who was locked inside a cage in Freedom City. She is the Young lady of one of the One Emperor, Two King and Three Noble race of the Beast Race, the Swan Clan (Noble).


A young lady from swan clan. Her entire body was soft and delicate and she only had a tattered white robe covering her body with a pair of white wings on the back of the swan girl, which looked like an angel. Her round and slender thighs attracted the gazes and saliva of many surrounding men.


Delicate, Unnerving, Caring 


A Zerozone official wanted to buy her and to tame he was using a whip to punish her and forcing her to call him Master, even so, she didn't budge a single inch.

Qin Chao was sold to the same slave trader as a way to infiltrate the military camp of zerozone.

With some efforts, he was able to get her to join his team to be in a mission.

She was sleeping with him the day before they left for the mission. Because Qin Chao looked like a little boy she didn't mind much at first. But after getting frightened by a law enforcer killing a woman she hugged him to sleep and did it with him.[1] Later when the Commander saw her he offered her to become his woman which she flatly refused. Because of the refusal, the commander gave Qin Chao 2 option. Either to kill her or kill himself. He said that he would rather die than let her be his woman. But She doesn't want him to die so she tries to suicide but saved by Qin Chao.


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