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Mysty Peak has four respected families:[1]

But above them, has on four big people. On the Dongfang Family clan is Reverend Zhu Long, on the Ximen family is Reverend Ju Li, on the Nangong Family clan is Reverend Qing Yi, on the Beitang Familyc lan is Reverend Ksitigarbha.

In these four person, quarries a mountain from Ethereal Peak, has existed. Their several, were the past Ethereal Peak initiator, four formidable Yaoshou (Demon beasts) that Xuanyuan subdued wholeheartedly.

But now, they became have assumed on the Ethereal Peak four big people, was being consecratedby four respected families.

And, now influence strongest is Dongfang (Eastern). Because of the Dongfang Family clan, rested and built up strength for these years, has trainedmany masters in secret. And, Dongfang Ying is a leader. Her year only over 50 years old, are the Nascent Soul late stage masters.

Before Primordial Chaos Dao Assembly approaches, Reverend Zhu Longhas also been preparing, wants to bring forth the same magic weapon, gives Dongfang Ying, makingher exceed with the aid of this magic weapon, enters Golden Body Stage.

Finally, it is said Reverend Zhu Long settles on, is Bai Jiaojiao Inner Core.Therefore, when Bai Jiaojiao comes back from Song Mountain Baotai Temple, by the Misty Peak person is held, detained in the trapped|sleepy natural tunnel forcefully. But what makes them not think, the Song Mountain talent monk, Fa Xiang also pursued to hit unexpectedly, has smashed the trapped|sleepy natural tunnel directly, rescued Bai Jiaojiao.

These makes Reverend Zhu Long fly into a rage, is in area inside the Great Wall, sending out the people of Dongfang Family clan to go to Song Mountain to condemn. But the Song Mountain person, only lightly returned to a few words. Fa Xiang has revolted Song Mountain Baotai Temple. Immediately, original of, one understands. It seems like that Bai Jiaojiao and Fa Xiang, by a pair of enemy, turned into pair of Dao Companion.[1]


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