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He is the former leader of Raksasha Sect.


There was once an old devil named Luo De, he was an awesome sect Leader of Raksasha Sect. His power was really strong Flying Immortal. But his body was then destroyed by the combined force of the eight big sects that besiege him, and his soul was then sealed by them.

Many years later, because of an accident (vase accident), Qin Chao’s body became possessed by Luo De’s soul, almost losing his mind, later on, to become like a zombie. Luckily, that day he was saved by Su Ji’s prayer beads, with its power, forcibly destroyed this one thousand years old devil god’s soul.

This can only happen because, at that time when Luo De’s soul possessed Qin Chao, his soul was just coming out from his captivity, thus was still very weak, if his soul was to be nurtured undisturbed, in the future, it can bring out the power of a devil god.

Unfortunately for Luo De, because of an unforeseen accident, his soul was eradicated by a small Buddhist prayer bead. Therefore, his powerful divine yang essence was left inside Qin Chao’s body. However, this power is too big; it cannot be absorbed by Qin Chao immediately.

But along with his increasing capability, this power that was left behind by Luo De, eventually, will be absorbed completely, thus allowing him to reach the pinnacle of the Devil path.

He was betrayed by Hu Yuhe who was his devil puppet. She goes with a mortal, Luo De destroys her demon core but doesn't kill her.

He helps Qin Chao many times. He takes control of his body in the risk of the dead when Qin Chao doesn't have another ways to save himself.

The first time was shen Shi Fa nearly killing him.[1]

It was also a friend of the Qin Chao.

Later, When he found Reshaping Pill, he recreated his body and transformed into a Shota. I stayed in the body of Qin Chao and often played with Ronnie.


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