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Long Bei'er is the girl who Qin Chao spanked in Gay Club. She was a lesbian in the beginning but turned into a Bisexual after having sex with Qin Chao


Although Long Bei'er's chest was not big, her waist was still very thin. Especially her two legs. They were long and straight, looking especially beautiful as they stared at a pair of small leather boots.


After the incident in club, she got interested in Qin Chao because of his strength.

She helps Qin Chao get his job at skyhawk adverstsing company.

Her father had died in Chen Si's hands. The huge Tianlong Corporation had become Chen Si's property. After acquiring the inheritance, Chen Si was still not satisfied, he wanted to put her to death. If she did not die, Chen Si's inheritance would be unstable.

Therefore, when Chen Si issued the order to kill, everyone was looking for the young miss of the Long family.

Long Bei'er initially wanted to fight with Chen Si, but when her most trusted subordinate betrayed her, she completely despaired. She could only take advantage of the fact that her subordinate wasn't paying attention and ran out in a panic.

There was no one by her side, and she did not have any money in her pockets. At this moment, Long Bei'er only thought of one person who could help her. It was Qin Chao.[1]

He was the only person who helped her. That same evening they had sexual intercourse caused by Luo De.[2]


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