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“No, Qin Chao….I think you are the gift from the heaven for me…. Although you are quite hateful, if not for you, I probably would have died….”
— Chapter 177

She is the daughter of Liao Dongkai, the chairman of Dafa Group.


Liao Shasha, as Director Liao’s immediate family, inherits all of Director Liao’s inheritance. In other words, 45% of the company’s shares are in the control of Liao Shasha.

She gives her share to Qin Chao when Tang Ao try to become the new chairman and proclaim that he is her fiance. Her "sister" Yu Lu has donated her shares, Qin Chao as well. Her 45% of shares have also been temporarily transferred to him for safekeeping. If something happens to her, those stocks will be completely owned by him. At that time, he is the company’s largest shareholders (51%). Although they have never said anything about this transferring shares to him. Qin Chao was not too surprised about it. After all, the two of them were women, after the death of Liao Dongkai, their big protective umbrella completely collapsed. Now, Qin Chao was their only protector. [1]

She accepts his marriage proposal.



  1. kissed for the first time and almost crossed the line with Qin Chao in chapter 126


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