Li Xue works at Skyhawk Advertising Company and Qin Chao was her assistant.

History Edit

Her late fiance died because of an STD. Feeling guilty, she allows his father (whom she calls Father-in-Law) to live with her and mooch off of her, even though he treats her poorly.

Qin Chao accompanies her to buy a new car because she has sold the old one she had (Volvo S801) and give the money to the father of her ex fiancé to pay his gambling debts.

Because Qin Chao helped her to get rid of her father-in-law and walked out of the shadow of her late fiancé, she starts to like him.

After leaving Skyhawk Advertising Company, she founded the Daqin Times Advertising Company and take Shi Xin with her in the new company.

She accepted the Qin Dynasty's marriage proposal.[1]


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