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Qin Chao gege….I will soon go to college; you wait for me….
— Li Na murmured while looking back at Qin Chao.[1]

Li Na is the teenage daughter of Qin Chaos' next-door neighbour. She is also the Holy Woman who is sought out by Archangels and Sariel.


This little girl was wearing blue uniforms, and tight-fitting jeans, wrapped in her seductive hips. On top her head, there’s a braided pigtail, a typical next door little sister. Although only 16 years old, her body already well developed. Although her chest is small, only a B size, the hip is really curved. When she grows up, she will be a disastrous little beauty.


Daughter of the neighbour of Qin Chao, excellent student, she has been secretly in love with the Qin Chao. Her mother doesn't want her to be with Qin Chao because he is poor and doesn't have a job. She often went to his apartment to eat with him.

After finishing her studies, she opens a cake shop called No. 76 bakery with the friends Shang Luo. She is the reincarnation of a western god. For her to have more customer, Qin Chao added a refining dan to the bread. With that, her business becomes a great success.

She is the Holy Woman in Western Heaven realm and angels wants to use her to increase their power. Later with the help of TangTang she was protected against angels and demons.


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