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She is a member of Mighty Sovereign Sect and works in Dafa Group.[1]

She the orphan, was taken away by the Huangji (Mighty Sovereign) Sect elder since childhood, thenawards her the Huangji (Mighty Sovereign) demon merit.

Ten -year-old time, her Huangji (Mighty Sovereign) demon merit arrived at fourth layer. 

Boundary tothe standard of Foundation Building.It can be said that she is the master of genuine younger generation. 

However because demon merithas this kind of characteristics, that is earlier cultivation base is extremely quick, later progresses excessively slowly.

Therefore, Jing Chuqi at age 18, entered Nascent Soul Stage.

However, to present 21 years old cannot make the breakthrough again.

Good that the proverb said that a dynasty is fascinated, millennium cultivating virtue in order to become an immortal are difficult!Repairs the demon way, although is quick, because is extremely rapid, will not be solid. To the later period, wanted to have a little advance, is hard the last blue sky simply.But if had the big master , is actually the quite terrifying degree.

Back then, Devil Path most terrorist Devil God Luo De, is a such character.Therefore, in his time, he able to move unhindered so was long, does not have a rival.[2]


Because she was trying to kill Yu Lu, Qin Chao destroyed her mortal body but left her Nascent Soul as repayment for telling him where Wu Xin was located.[3]


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