Hua Niang is a Flower Snake Demon who cultivated for over 500 years in order to be able to assume human form.

Appearance Edit

She changes her form to Konkong a beautiful JAV actress. She was surprised that all the young men from guangyuan school surrounded her and called her kongkong.

History Edit

she warns Qin Chao to beware of Bai Jiaojiao. She was a member of Misty Peak and reappears when the righteous sects try to kill Hu Ke.

Qin Chao meet her again when he gets the mission for Li Baishan to take the zombie king core. She laments that Qin Chao will die from Shi Fa's hands. Dongfang Ying tells her that she is Misty Peak Sect Leader's future wife, and sooner or later she will be the Leader's woman. And she doesn't have to think about other men. [1]

At the day of her wedding with he sect master Qin Chao defeats him took her with him and made her his eight Demonic Dragon Devil Puppet.


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