She is the zombie that Qin Chao saves from the Righteous Sect's people. She is also a famous surgeon doctor.

Appearance Edit

She looks like a Twenty years old woman and is an absolute Beauty.

Personaly Edit

In the hospital where she works, Hu Ke was known as the ice woman. She had never laughed, no matter who it was that was being courteous to her. Only Qin Chao was able to make her laugh at the surprise of all the staff at the hospital.

History Edit

Hu Ke was like a genius on the operating table. No matter what kind of illness, as long as she could cure it, there was nothing she couldn't do.

She changes her mind after QC says that the patient is not dead and start laughing. Even Wang Baofu was surprised that there are a man that could change Doctor Hu's view.

She make Qin Chao helpless, to an old zombie that had lived for more than a thousand years, what she said was actually very true. She helps him when he gets his first mission from Li Baishan, to get zombie core from the zombie king in Shanhua City.

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