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Also Know as Red Emperor Evil King Sword.

It was indeed called the Scarlet Phoenix Immortal Sword in the beginning, it was a treasure sword of the Immortal Realm. However, in the end, he fell to the mortal world and was soaked in the Lunar Scourge of 9,999 women for forty-nine days by a Devil Path Great Devil God. At the same time, he also injected 9,999 malicious ghosts into the sword. This Immortal Sword completely transform into a devil sword.

After that, he used this demon sword to slaughter forty-nine cities, killed who knows how many people, and tainted who knows how much blood. Only then was the Great Ying Yang Evil King Sword completely reborn and turned into a real demon sword.

This sword was completely black, and only the center had a white line, it was Qin Chao's Nine Underwworld Yin Flame.

Back, when I was in the hands of that Devil God, he destroyed an entire city with a wave of his hand.