The method to create devil puppet is recorded in the Nine Secret Law (the soul of the nine underworld creatures from is driven into the human body, and then the soul is tempered with nine underworld yin fires ) , which can make the mortal can have Nine Underworld Summoning Technique's creature powers and soul, the premise is that the target must have a feeling for the caster.

This method, can only be used in on trustworthy person, the body of most intimate person. Otherwise, makes, to is very finally easy becomes own enemy. Because of this Devil Puppet technique, has a more abnormal ability. Is over two Devil Puppet in the same place, the battle efficiency can superimpose.

If final nine Devil Puppet appear together, can form in the legend „Nine Underworld Absolute Kill Formation”! If Nine Underworld Absolute Kill Formation that nine Thunder Tribulation Stage Devil Puppet compose, even can put to death Divine Immortal of space.

Was only a pity, even if Great Devil God Luo De, has not collected these nine Devil Puppet. Because the manufacture of Devil Puppet is not that easy, the most important point, is a point that Qin Chao has not discovered. That is, must be moved to the manufacturer by the manufacturer.

Xiao Bai's case is accidently success because she was willing heartfuly to become his Devil Puppet and servant, she fell in love with him. Otherwise, if he had failed to turn her into a Devil Puppet, her body would have exploded and the soul of Nine Underworld Summoning Technique's creature will dissipate. Therefore, Luo De lived for several hundred years cannot even create/ have nine formidable Devil Puppet.[1]

Because in the Devil Puppet technique the most important point is Devil Puppet must be in love with the master. Otherwise, the soul that enters, cannot perfectly blend. Finally, the body of Devil Puppet by two strengths of soul repels will be torn to pieces and explode.[2]

Immortal SoulEdit

It is the way the remove the fetter of a Devil Puppet, this is only one of the advantage. The true advantage is the Devil Puppet can also practice completely separate and can become Immortal before his master. Because if the master is weaker, the Devil Puppets will never enter the Flying Immortal rank.[3]

Known Cases Edit


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