She is the ninja who kidnapped Yu Lu.

History Edit

She was a member of Black Dragon Society. She kidnaps Yu Lu to reach Liao Shasha. She makes an appointment to Qin Chao in an abandoned factory if he wants to save Yu Lu. He faces her and others, ninjas. He will defeat them all and eventually rapes her[1].

Since that day, she has been training to take revenge on him. She can not remove Qin Chao's face from her mind. She will do a lot of training in order to defeat him at their next meeting.

They meet again when An Qing and Qin Chao are attacked by Black Dragon Society. She will face Qin Chao and lose against him again. She will escape with the help of An Qing who works with Black Dragon Society.

Later, because she became the victims of her father, she was saved by the Qin Chao and became the ghosts king Devi puppet of the Qin Chao. After taking the Immortal Soul, she broke through the Devil Puppet Restriction.

Later, pretending to be a mutiny, in order to save Qin Chao she was willing to go to Cao Cao as an undercover.

Although Chiyo held a trace of hatred towards Qin Chao in his heart, it was because Qin Chao had once massacred Chiyo's family.

And the death of Chiyo's father was also closely related to Qin Chao.

But in Chiyo's heart, she had long since regarded herself as Qin Chao's woman.

Chiyo was a very traditional woman, she had a strong tradition of marrying husband and wife.

After following Qin Chao, she was thinking more about Qin Chao.

Back then when Cao Cao secretly found Chiyo, Chiyo could already tell that this man, Cao Cao … It was really scary.

With his strength, he could easily crush the current Qin Chao.

As a result, Chiyo spent a lot of effort to obtain a quarter of Qin Chao's Yang God's soul. She was worried that after Qin Chao was killed by Cao Cao Cao, she would be able to use this portion of the Yang God's power to revive Qin Chao.

And in the end, Cao  Cao  died, killed by Li Baishan who was an even darker man[2].

After that, Li Baishan  absorbed Qin Chao's Yang God and completed the body of the Ying Tian[3].

It was only because of Chiyo's quarter of the Sun God that Qin Chao could successfully revive.[4] Now repaired for the fairy period. The second woman who has a relationship [5].


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