She is daughter of the head of Aogan Clan. She reminded Wu Xin to Qin Chao.

Plotline Edit

The owner of the Cyclobalan family of the island nation, the kindness is simple to the extreme. The Qin Dynasty had various contacts with the island during the period of the island and liked the Qin Dynasty. Was pushed down in the VIP auction of VIP 1st.

She was mollested by 2 men in the train and was saved by Zhao Jingjing.[1] She believes that her big brother is a good person even with what he did in Renwu Guild Hall.

Her kindness is simple and extreme, she scolds Qin Chao for hitting with a brick on the head a hoodlum who nearly killed Zhao Jingjing.

To help her get away Okawa Takara, Qin Chao pretends to be his lover in her school.[2]

She starts to think that Qin Chao is a very interesting person.[3]


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