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She is a member of Anqing Clan.


She appears in the reunion of the 3 big families of the Black Dragon Society's reunion. After seeing Qin Chao's power, she decides to serve him. She takes him to the Anqing Clan's household to meet all the elder of the clan.

She despise Anqing Beitian and the day, she asks the reunion of elder, she slaps him because he was rude to her.

She presents them the ring of Anqing Yousan and says that he is dead.[1]

The elders wanted her to give them the ring where is the Ghost King Xiuluo. She annonces that the new head clan is Qin Chao.

and there a new head clan, Qin Chao who possessed Rose that is the treasure that only the Head Clan possessed.

After Qin Chao's succession as the owner of the house, he suspected that the Qin Dynasty would not raise it, and took the initiative to sendhis hand to be held by the Qin Dynasty to toss a night.


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