Mysterious Ox devil puppet of Qin Chao. She helps Qin Chao many times.


Her father was the commander in chief of the Beijing military. Not to mention her father, just herself, she was still a member of the organisation.[1]


She meets Qin Chao when she was in training for The Organization as a Police Officer. Because He showed strong Physical Power, she thinks that he might be a criminal and tries to bring him to the Police Staton. after several tries to find bad things about Qin Chao to make him get arrested. After that, she looks for him many times. She became His Ox Demon Devil Puppet (need more information). Later she accompanies him one mission to protect something as a part of the Organization and Seventh Section. She takes a Heaven Yuan Pill and broke through the Devil Puppet Limitation and and later accept's his marrige proposal.


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